International British School of Alexandria was founded to provide the very best British style of education for the children of Alexandria. It is an adapted curriculum based upon the framework provided by the National Curriculum for England and Wales and modified to include the richness of cultural experiences available in Egypt whilst maintaining the discipline and high standards of achievement synonymous with the British Curriculum. Our pupils come from both the Egyptian and expatriate families of our city and we wish to provide an education that is broad, international and relevant to the times in which we live .

Our Mission Statement

  • We will recognise and nurture the diverse needs of all our students by providing a strong foundation for learning by developing a dynamic and happy educational experience.

  • We will work to recognise and develop each child as a unique individual.

  • We will ensure respect, tolerance and empathy through encouraging the students to see themselves as part of the IBSA family.

  • We will ensure high standards of achievement and behaviour by encouraging self-discipline, self-motivation and pride in everything that they do.

  • We will inspire and guide students to become good citizens of the world, with high aspirations and the drive and determination to advance themselves, for the benefit others, their community and their country.

As you can see, we believe education is about the whole person of each student and we value, and develop, all aspects of our pupils’ characteristics, skills and abilities. If you are interested in this for your children, please read on and explore the rest of our website.